Connected Cameras

Connected Cameras

Here at 1st Choice Insurance, we go above and beyond in our duty to help our customers reduce their risk profile across their commercial vehicles. By utilising the latest technology, businesses can gain access to footage of incidents both in real time and in the cloud and is particularly useful for proving non fault claims.

Through our trusted partner network, we offer a range of solutions to suit fleets of all shapes and sizes. Additionally, we can help educate and engage your drivers to help achieve valuable outcomes, which puts us in the best possible position when going to market for your fleet or commercial vehicle cover.

What are Connected Cameras?

Simply put, Connected Cameras are cameras units with an internet connection. Data is transferred into the cloud via a sim, for fleet operators to peruse as and when necessary. Including options to view footage in real time. This type of technology is normally paired with telematics to add another layer of visibility within your fleet.

Connected Cameras come with a range of options, such as:

  • Forward facing Dash Cams
  • Driver Facing Cameras with integrated AI and machine learning
  • Full 360° FORS Compliant Digital Video Recorder (DVR) Kits
  • Any mix of external and internal cameras including trailer options

This data is accessible via an online platform and can be presented and analysed in a variety of ways. 

 Why Use Connected Cameras?

  • Live Footage of Incidents and Near Misses – Connected Cameras upload events to the cloud, allowing you to review and analyse footage as events occur.
  • False and 50/50 Claims – Your claims experience has direct implications for your insurance costs. Camera footage can protect you from fraudulent claims such as crash for cash or dispute 50/50 claims where you are not to blame. The ability to close claims quickly with the right outcomes can lead to significant savings across the year.
  • Complaints – Footage can be stored for agreed timeframes, giving you the capacity to pinpoint video via both time and location. This is an incredibly useful tool when dealing with complaints allowing you to acknowledge real issues whilst rectifying dubious ones.
  • Driver Training – Visual Learning can be a very powerful aid. Having the ability to watch in real time can have a greater impact on drivers than analysing data on a map. It is also far less open to interpretation.
  • Machine Learning and AI – This technology can make decisions based on its environment. Whether this is looking for signs of fatigue or distraction in your drivers, through to highlighting potential risks in busy built-up areas.
  • Compliance and Safety – Dependent on what type of vehicles you operate and where, you may be required to have 360° Cameras installed. This allows complete visibility for drivers whilst also protecting the public. As regulations change these requirements are likely to become more extensive.
  • Integrations and Ancillary Solutions – Many of the systems we operate with integrate with each other. Through telematics, fleet management software, and even tacho analysis integration, we have a trusted partner who can help.

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