5 Companies We Hope Had Cyber Insurance

5 Companies We Hope Had Cyber Insurance Cyber insurance is an insurance that is put in place to cover a business’s liabilities for a data breach containing confidential information. This could include a client’s health records, card/bank details, driver license numbers or passwords. With over 50% of small businesses experiencing them it is important n […]

director and officer insurance coverage

What is director and officer insurance coverage?

What is director and officer insurance coverage? All directors and officers have different duties and responsibilities in their position, which are set in the job description, if the directors/officer acts outside of their role and mistakes or any wrongful acts are made when running your business, your client can then take legal action against you […]

Examples Of Professional Indemnity Claims

Professional Indemnity Claims If mistakes are made whilst providing professional services, advice or designs to a client, your client can then take legal action against you for the mistakes made. Professional Indemnity Insurance is what pays the legal costs as well as any compensation payments against you. If Professional Indemnity Insurance wasn’t put in place, […]

Some VERY Valuable Sales Lessons

“Just reflecting on my sales career and I wanted to share some of the lessons I have learned. Where to start? Probably from the early days at the start of the journey”. Creating A Need When I first started selling photocopiers, I was trying to generate opportunities by door-knocking businesses. Nobody had taught me anything […]

Compare Commercial Insurance

Does a 25p Tin of Soup Really Taste Like Heinz?

Do you always go for the cheapest? Given that insurance protects people’s businesses, and ultimately their livelihoods, we are surprised so many people buy purely on price. Sure, it’s smart to compare commercial insurance to find the best deal, in fact, we strongly recommend this. However, choosing an insurance policy – your businesses lifeline in […]

What is directors and officers insurance

What is Directors and Officers Insurance?

What is directors and officers insurance? Many employees and owners make the common mistake that because they are a company director or a limited company, they have no personal liability with regards to their corporate actions. This quick guide will outline why this is not the case, and answer ‘what is directors and officers insurance’? […]