Here at 1st Choice Insurance, we go above and beyond in our duty to help our customers reduce their risk profile across their commercial vehicles. By utilising the latest technology, businesses can gain visibility of their entire fleet, allowing them to make informed decisions on both their operational and safety procedures.

Through our trusted partner network, we offer a range of solutions to suit fleets of all shapes and sizes. Additionally, we can help educate and engage your drivers to help achieve valuable outcomes, which puts us in the best possible position when going to market for your fleet or commercial vehicle cover.

What is Telematics?

Simply put, telematics, or vehicle tracking, is a form of technology that correlates data from your vehicles or drivers. This can be gathered via a range of mediums, from hard-wired telematic units through to smart phones and sensors, with the data received being driven by the type of device used. These can include:

  • GPS Positioning
  • Speed
  • G-force
  • Engine light Information and Fault Codes


This data is accessible via an online platform and can be presented and analysed in a variety of ways.

Why Use Telematics?

Telemetry offers a wide range of benefits for anyone who manages commercial vehicles. Some of the key features to consider are:

  • Full Vehicle Overview – Visibility of your full fleet in real time allowing you to respond quickly to changing circumstances. Many systems also include live traffic information to allow you to plan journeys effectively.
  • Idling Time and Fuel Monitoring – Fuel spend is a significant expense for anyone managing vehicles, and telematics can play a key role in keeping costs in check. Whether this is monitoring mileage for fuel expenses through to analysing behaviours to increase miles per gallon or ensuring drivers are not sat during their lunch break with the engine running. We can even help you detect fuel theft at the pump.
  • Vehicle Speed – Speed plays an important role when analysing risks for drivers. Increased stopping distances make you more likely to have an accident as well as increasing the likelihood of significant personal injury claims. Not to mention the added costs of speeding fines. Telemetry can help you analyse trends across your drivers to highlight the potential accidents before they occur.
  • Driver Behaviour Monitoring – This is another key area when considering risk. Through analysis of speed, acceleration, harsh braking, cornering, even driver distraction and seatbelt use, we can provide you with individual driving style scoring to help educate drivers and highlight any areas of concern or training requirements. With effective management of these areas, you can also reduce fuel spend significantly and decrease claims across your fleet.
  • Vehicle Faults and Maintenance – We can help identify faults and maintenance issues as they happen via alerts within the platform. Effectively preventing potential costly issues from not being reported in due time. Furthermore, through effective driver behaviour monitoring, we can help prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicles, alongside highlighting key dates for any maintenance, compliance, and insurance purposes.
  • Full Reporting Suites and Alerts – Whether you are looking at vehicle utilisation, out-of-hours monitoring, driver league tables, time on site and billing, or even EV infrastructure, there is a report that can help. We can tailor these to suit all business types and present them on set dates so that all the information is available at a glance without the need for vast administration. Combined with extensive alert functionality, we can keep you informed in real time.
  • Integrations and Ancillary Solutions – Many of the systems we operate with integrate with each other. Through connected dashboard cameras, full 360° DVR kits, fleet management software, and even tacho analysis integration, we have a trusted partner who can help.

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