Fleet Services

Fleet Services

At 1st Choice Insurance, we like to exemplify our dedication to Risk Management and Mitigation in order to make your commercial fleet as safety focused as possible. This incredible synergy has led to us offering unique discounts within our insurance markets and sets us apart from other more traditional brokerages.

What Does This Mean for My Business?

The way claims are being assessed are changing and it has never been more important to present your business in a compliant and risk averse manner. Through utilising technology, we can prove to insurers that you have the relevant infrastructure and processes in place to mitigate your operational, physical, legal, and financial exposures.

Aside from the many operational and cost benefits these solutions can provide they also allow us to build fact driven business cases for our customers when going to market to acquire reductions in premiums or additional benefits.

What Services Do We Offer?

We offer a range of solutions to support fleets of all shapes and sizes. These are broken down into their relevant sections below, but can be integrated as needed.


Vehicle telematics combines GPS systems, onboard vehicle diagnostics, wireless telematics devices, and black box technologies to record and transmit vehicle data, such as speed, location, maintenance issues and servicing. This information is analysed and presented within the platform and can be used to improve overall driver safety, reduce costs, and improve performance in commercial fleets.

Connected Cameras

All of our telemetry comes with optional integrated connected camera solutions. These provide physical evidence when dealing with incidents and they are an excellent way of proving Non-Fault Claims.

Our camera solutions can range from simple dashcams to FORS Compliant 360 Degree DVR Kits. AI technology can even identify if a driver is tired or distracted, effectively managing risk even before an incident can occur.

Fleet Management and Compliance

Whether your company holds and Operators Licence or you just want to ensure your vehicles are being maintained and operated efficiently we have a solution that can help.

By utilising the only FORS and Earned Recognition accredited Fleet Management system you can ensure that your business is safe and compliant.

Driver Training and Risk Assessments

We offer several solutions to ensure your drivers are managed effectively. These can range from tailor-made risk assessment programs for your full fleet, through to driver policies, handbooks and license checking, along with full managed solutions.

Furthermore, following any analysis through our driver training and risk assessment programmes, we can offer bespoke training for any fleet requirements.

Fuel Cards

With the UK’s largest infrastructure of branded forecourts we can help cut costs on rising fuel prices or to offset carbon emissions. We offer a fantastic solution for all business sizes with reduced fuel prices across the UK . Couple this with integration to our partners, telemetry or software solutions, and we can provide you with an accurate mpg (miles per gallon) for all your vehicles.

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