1st Choice Insurance Celebrates Easter and Our Community!

In a world where food waste is a persisting issue and community support is more valuable than ever, today was a special day at 1st Choice Insurance.

We hosted an Easter lunch for our staff, not only as a treat before the Bank Holiday weekend but also to support the Shrewsbury Food Hub for everything they do to prevent waste and help the community.

Shrewsbury Food Hub is a volunteer-powered charity that works closely with local food businesses, supermarkets, and farms to collect surplus food, preventing it from ending up as waste, where it would contribute to environmental degradation. Instead, perfectly good food finds its way to individuals and families facing food uncertainty, ensuring that no one in our community goes hungry. They first established in 2016, and last year they rescued 217 tonnes of surplus food, enough for 518,000 meals!

Not only does the Shrewsbury Food Hub go above and beyond preventing waste, they also provide education and resources to promote sustainable living practices and inspire people to help the environment.

It was amazing to see everyone come together as a team and appreciate all of the hard work the Shrewsbury Food Hub does. We are honoured to be proud sponsors and to support everything they do.

To learn more about the Shrewsbury Food Hub and to see how you can help, visit: https://2ly.link/1xEUe

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