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Carpenter Insurance

We compare and find the best Carpenter Insurance deals for our clients. By comparing our wide panel of leading insurers, we ensure you get the best policy, for the best price. Call us today or click to get a quote!

What is carpenter insurance?

Carpenter insurance, also known as joiners insurance, is a tailored contractors package designed to protect carpenters and related tradespeople. As a carpenter, you face a number of professional challenges related to your safety, your livelihood, and the safety of your clients. For example, working with power tools, cutting equipment and dangerous materials can be incredibly risky, as can operating a mobile business or working on third-party property.

Each of these risk factors needs to be taken into consideration when drawing up insurance for carpenters and other trades policies. Why take out multiple insurance policies and risk significant coverage gaps when you can get a specialised trades contract drawn up to meet the needs of your own business. Here at 1st Choice Insurance, we specialise in custom package insurance for carpenters, joiners and other tradespeople across the United Kingdom.

Who needs carpenter insurance?

Dedicated joiners insurance for carpenters businesses is advised for anyone who is working as a professional carpenter or joiner. Choosing the right coverage options can be tricky, which is why it’s so important to speak with the experts and get a policy tailored to your specific needs. Typical coverage options include public and products liability, general property, personal accident and illness, fire and theft, income protection, vehicle protection, goods in transit cover and many others.

As a carpenter, you’re exposed to occupational risks and hazards on a daily basis. For example, hardly a day will go by when you’re not working with hazardous materials such as woodchips, solvents, paint, sawdust, adhesives and other chemicals. Accidents and injuries are also common, with nail guns, circular saws and other potentially dangerous tools often causing problems. Carpenters also need to obtain carpenters liability insurance coverage in case they cause damage to third-party property or persons.

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Benefits of carpenter insurance

A specialist trade insurance broker can provide you with all the coverage you need in one policy package with a single premium structure. This offers a number of advantages over standard business insurance or public liability policies.

Firstly, dedicated carpenter insurance provides a more comprehensive form of protection that is less likely to leave coverage gaps. Secondly, carpenter insurance is flexible enough to extend or reduce coverage elements based on your individual needs. Thirdly, joiners insurance and other specialist contractors packages are easier to manage because they combine multiple levels of protection in a single premium structure. Here at 1st Choice Insurance, we take the time to understand the needs of your business and provide you with the protection you deserve.

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