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Woodworkers Insurance

Woodwork is an accomplished skill, but with an array of tools, machinery and flammable materials, working timber isn’t without its risks. Whether you’re a carpenter, joiner, wood sculptor or anyone else who works with wood, getting woodworkers insurance for yourself and your business is vital. Let’s look at what you should think about when you’re taking out insurance for your woodworking business.

Woodworker Insurance – Liabilities

With the best will in the world, accidents can happen. That’s why it’s essential to take out the right cover in case anyone is injured, or their property is damaged, while they’re on your premises. Public liability insurance will be necessary if you’re going to have members of the public visiting your studio or workshop, while employer’s liability insurance is a must if you employ staff. You might also want to take out personal accident cover for yourself, in case you’re injured in the course of your work and have to take time off. Either way, a fully combined woodworkers insurance policy from 1st Choice Insurance will protect you.

Workshop and tools insurance

When you consider the fact that your workshop is packed with wood, sawdust, flammable oils, glues and other substances, you’ll see why it’s vital to ensure you have adequate woodworkers insurance cover to help get your business back on its feet should the worst happen. It’s not just the fire risk; other unforeseen circumstances such as theft or floods could have a major impact on your business.

Buildings and contents cover will need to take into account the nature of your business, and if you sell your products on site or display them in a showroom, you’ll also be needing specialist shop insurance that covers your premises and its contents – including your stock. Don’t forget that stock levels may vary according to the time of year, so mention this to your insurer to get cover that takes this into account.

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Your business depends on the tools of your trade, so taking out tools insurance is important. Make sure you calculate how much your tools would cost to replace if they were lost, damaged or stolen, so you can take out the right level of woodworkers insurance cover. If you have a van, make sure it’s covered with van insurance, adding on goods in transit insurance if you’re going to be transporting your products. If you have more than one van, you can save money and have the same renewal date by taking out fleet insurance.

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