What is fleet insurance, and why does it make sense?

As one of the UK’s leading fleet insurance brokers, we are always being asked, what is fleet insurance? It’s not only new fleet customers who ask us this, we get this a question a lot from existing fleet insurance policyholders, who are unsure of the benefits. Whatever stage you are at, we will outline 4 key benefits those with a fleet insurance policy will have, over those with induvial policies.

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  1. Any driver options

This is maybe the biggest benefit. As businesses grow, or run into issues, or even have sicknesses, sometimes a change of driver is needed last minute. This is a nightmare for businesses with induvial polices. You must check the new driver is covered to drive. This can often incur cost, and time. With any driver fleet insurance policy, you are free to drive your vans legally, no matter who is behind the wheel.

  1. It’s easier to grow

Unlike when you have individual policies, a fleet policy helps facilitate growth. As your fleet increases in size, you can simply call your broker, who can add additional vehicles to your policy quickly and easily. Got a new contract coming up? No issue. Just add your new vans to your policy with a quick phone call.

  1. You can save money

Initially, fleet insurance can cost more. It’s still great value when you consider the above benefits. However, once you add claim free years to your policy, you will gain claims experience. This works just like no claim’s bonus on a personal car. This will lower your premiums and over time, leave you with robust cover for a lower price than sperate polices. This saves you time and money.

  1. Simple administration

Dealing with one policy, one broker and one insurance company makes your businesses insurance simple and easy to manage. This saves times, hassle and keeps insurance simple, should you need to claim.

So, what is fleet insurance? Fleet insurance is a policy designed to make it easier to business to operate, grow, save money and administer their cover. If your business operates 3 or more vehicles for commercial reasons, get in touch with our team. It doesn’t matter when your renewal is due, we will help find the right cover for you at the right time.

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