I’ve Started My First Business – Do I Need Insurance?

It can be very confusing! You’ve started your own business and are unsure about what new business insurance you need, who to speak to about it and whether you need it in the first place!

There’s so much to think about when you’re starting up and it’s very easy to forget things during the process – but insurance is vitally important and to ensure you obtain the right cover we would always recommend seeking professional advice – and that is where we come in.

We don’t believe in a one size fits all philosophy and by working closely with you and fully understanding your needs we are able to provide a bespoke package tailor-made to meet individual requirements.

In this way we can help you ensure that nothing is missed which could lead to major problems in the future, the cover is there for what you need and regular reviews and changes can be implemented as and when they are required.

Selecting the right insurance

While accepting that each new company’s requirements are likely to differ from others, you will almost certainly need to think about:

The inclination often of business owners is to take out different policies for each individual area needing to be covered but this can be a time-consuming exercise and a costly one.

You need to make sure you are insured for everything that requires cover and that you are not paying unnecessarily for something which doesn’t.

We specialise in new business insurance for small businesses and have years of experience in helping firms get the cover they need at the right price. An ideal way of achieving this is through Small Business Insurance which gives the reassurance of knowing you are adequately covered through one easy to understand contract and at a reduced overall cost when compared to multi-policies.

Using our specialist knowledge of the industry, we work with some of the largest insurance companies in the country, accessing a wide range of policies to provide the right option for you.

We recommend anyone operating a small or medium-sized business to obtain a small company insurance quote, so why not give us a call today on 0300 6000603 and see how we can help you – it’s a simple and effective way of knowing you are taking the correct steps to being adequately covered.